Conquer Online
Classic Server
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Welcome to Olympus Conquer

Join the Adventure. Experience the Legend. Become the Hero.

Welcome to Olympus, where the world of Conquer Online comes alive like never before. Step into a realm where fantasy and community create an unparalleled gaming experience. With unmatched quality and an exceptional community, Olympus stands out as the premier private server for Classic Conquer enthusiasts.

Professional Development

Our commitment to perfection delivers a gameplay experience that is flawless and engaging. From meticulously scripted quests to high-fidelity environments, your journey through the Conquer world will be nothing short of legendary.

Features That Will Keep You Engaged

    • Classic Experience with a lot of improvements.
    • Low-medium rates for both experience and drops.
    • Custom Quests: Exciting experiences that improve gameplay.
    • Active Development: Regular updates for a dynamic game world.
    • Secure and Stable: Dedicated EU server with low ping for all players.
    • Second reborn system with only the 4 original classes.
    • Duel Bots: Train your FB/SS skills for different levels easily.
    • Pluses/Gems Bank: Deposit your goods safely without filling the warehouses.
    • Custom garments and accessories: Double weapon cosmetics slots.
    • Professional and strict Anti-Cheat.
    • Custom loader with effects remover, FPS and resolution settings.
    • Hourly PVP events + Daily Quests.
    • Stigma Bot for low level characters to help with leveling and hunting.
    • Companion system: Healers and Casters.